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Advocate (formerly Consultus) reached its 23rd year of publication in 2010. The 60 issues of the journal, published between April 1988 and December 2010, contain a wealth of information which is difficult to access without the aid of an electronic cumulative index or search facility. We trust that our website – updated after publication of each issue of the journal – will assist our members and readers.

The website provides for two distinct ways of finding information published in the Bar journals i.e. browsing and searching. You will need the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer system to be able to open, view, read, save or print an article.

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Page Layout

Page layout as contained in the original printed copy journals were maintained throughout.

In instances where two or three items were published on one page, the text not applicable to the article link in the “Table of Contents” is ‘masked out’ by a grey overlay, showing only the text which is relevant to the link.

File Quality and Download Time

An effort was made to optimise the PDF files for publication on the website, without compromising too much on file quality. The result being files that are still quite large and slow to download.

Each article opens in a new ‘window’, enabling the viewer to right click on the link, choose ‘Open in New Tab’ and then continue browsing whilst the file is downloading.

Problems or Errors

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About Advocate

Advocate is the official journal of the General Council of the Bar of South Africa. It appears three times a year and its circulation includes all practising advocates, judges, and a large number of other lawyers, senior government officials, and politicians. It is also available on general subscription.

Views and comments are, unless otherwise stated, the responsibility of the authors. Editorial comments or views are the responsibility of the editor, and publication thereof does not necessarily indicate the agreement of the General Council of the Bar of South Africa.

A Short History of the Bar Journals

The Bar journal, Consultus, was launched in April 1988. Initially, it was published twice a year – in the months of April and October. Four publications per year were issued in 1999 and 2000. Since 2001 the journal appeared three times per year – in the months of April, August and December.

The name of the journal was changed to Advocate in the year 2000, in the spirit of renewal and transformation. Advocate currently appears three times a year (in the months of April, August and December).

Guidelines for Writers

Advocate is the mouthpiece of the South African Bar. It is a professional journal which provides information and guidance on developments in the profession and the administration of justice. Contributions on subjects which are of practical importance to members of the Bar are welcomed, and will receive priority.

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